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Craigslist posting software

The ultimate marketing software. Automatically post craigslist ads, create craigslist accounts, create gmail accounts
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Craigslist posting software is useful to create your craigslist campaign and schedule posting dates. The software will then automatically post your ads on the specified days and times.

Features: Application has attractive graphical user interface. Application has facility to edit previously created ads as well as change the Heading and Descriptions. Using search option you can search for ad, refine your search as Type, category, country, state, City. After search you can see the search result.

To create your ad you need to follow simple steps. From the mail menu select create option and write Heading and Description. You are allowed to write your content in your favorite application and then copy and paste. Click on save button, enter name of your campaign and save. Once again click on save button, application will display the list of categories, you can select category from the available list and place the ad under Craigslist. You can select an option button; it will lead you to the new screen, where you can set picture, location, email reply option. Now you ad has been created and is saved in database and you can submit your ad. To submit your add click on submit button and Choose the ad(s) you wish to submit by clicking on it twice. Select the location from the window Country, State and City. Click on Finish button to submit you ad. Application allows you to schedule your ad(s).

Overall: This is excellent software to post your campaign ads easily and quickly.

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RainMaker craigslist ad posting software will automated your business marketing with minimum effort.Set up your ad, and let the software submit your ads on a scheduled basis to craigslist. The software has the capability to bypass the captcha codes. Its the ideal real-estate marketing software, and a must have for any realtor or niche marketer. The craigslist software will ensure geo targetted clients in your chosen market. The tool has the capability to rotate several variables in order to make your craigslist ads unique and ensuring that your ads stick to the top of the craigslist listings. Overcome the flagging problem many marketers face by re-submitting flagged ads. The software will log your ad performance against the craigslist system, and automatically resubmitt your ads. The tool is said to be one of the best internet marketing tools, since it can also increase the seo of your website by adding html codes to your craigslist ads. The software can also harvest and send emails to specific groups of craigslist users. Doubling the power of this software. It has a built in automated video submitting tool too, a g-mail account creater, and CL account creator all-in-one
Craigslist posting software
Craigslist posting software
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